Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Lilly's Workshop Birdies

We recently moved all of my sewing supplies and the cutting mat into our bedroom. I'd been working in the living room, but our birds get way to interested in what I'm doing and either try and jump down to join me or start screaming for attention.

Some pictures of the little attention mongers after the jump

This is Chaucer, our pied peachface lovebird. Chaucer doesn't really want a lot of attention, but he will try to eat my pattern envelopes if I leave them in the living room unattended.

This is Chowder (or Chowderface as we often call him). He is taking a bath in this picture, and isn't nearly as unhappy as he looks.

This is Not Sure (named after the protagonist in the amazing Mike Judge film Idiocracy). He may look demure in this picture, but he loves stealing my pins and grommets. 

As you can see, although Not Sure and Chowder may look similar there are differences. Not Sure loves acting like an irritating little brother to Chowder.
This is Little Guy, whose name started as a nickname and ended up sticking. He is small compared to the other cockatiels and very affectionate. He loves watching me sew and constantly wants to snuggle our necks.
This is DuckRabbit. He is the most adventurous of the cockatiels and will often try and climb up my leg when I am sewing.


  1. these birds are just too adorable--bet they give you a lot of pleasure!!!!! Makes me want to own some birds of my own, but I have 4 kitties that are mighty hunters every one and they would say "Lunch"--LOL--take care--Lisa

  2. They are lovely but it's true, pets don't help much when you try to work on something. I don't have birds but my cat loves to sit on my patterns and fabrics while I try to cut them.