Friday, April 23, 2010

Check out my steampunk corset in the Etsy Prom Queen Voter!

Etsy frequently holds votes on items for specific events and themes. In the past these themes have ranged from Easter to gardening; the current vote is for an "item you think could help pull off an unforgettable glammed out prom night!"

My turquoise Neo-Victorian steampunk corset is among many other beautiful dresses, hairpieces, shoes, toiletries and accessories up for vote. The winning item will be featured on Etsy's front page next week. Take a look at all the beautiful pieces and vote for your favorite!


  1. I voted 3 times for you from all 3 of my etsy shops--best of luck--steamgothneovictoria, LadyLLovelies, and Totesforfolks

  2. That is sooo cute!!!!!!