Friday, April 23, 2010

Check out my steampunk corset in the Etsy Prom Queen Voter!

Etsy frequently holds votes on items for specific events and themes. In the past these themes have ranged from Easter to gardening; the current vote is for an "item you think could help pull off an unforgettable glammed out prom night!"

My turquoise Neo-Victorian steampunk corset is among many other beautiful dresses, hairpieces, shoes, toiletries and accessories up for vote. The winning item will be featured on Etsy's front page next week. Take a look at all the beautiful pieces and vote for your favorite!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Lilly's Workshop Birdies

We recently moved all of my sewing supplies and the cutting mat into our bedroom. I'd been working in the living room, but our birds get way to interested in what I'm doing and either try and jump down to join me or start screaming for attention.

Some pictures of the little attention mongers after the jump

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Springtime Steam Green

All the beautiful items above and three additional ones can currently be seen in this treasury.

It's spring, and while the desert I live in isn't overly green, the abundant viridian trees at the University of Nevada Las Vegas are beginning to blossom while mockingbirds, sparrows and grackles sing to woo potential mates. I've assembled this collection in hope that these spring steampunk finds bring to mind the blossoms and beauty of spring.

The stereotypical colors of steampunk may be muted browns and grays along with metallic hues, but these artisans demonstrate that steampunk creations also have lively hues.

1. Vintage Watch Dial Pendant by asecondtime
2. Absinthe Cuffs (Pair) by Chocklit
3. Quadra Tatted Bracelet - Green by TotusMel
4. Thai Steampunk Bustle Skirt Purple by crescentwench
5. Time of Flight - real beetle wing necklace by ClockworkZero
6. Absinthe Glycerin Soap by amandalouise
7. Stink Bug Ring by CosmicFirefly
8. The Gypsy -Apple Blossom by TheThriftySparrow

9. A Compendium of Flowers and Their Meanings for Complicated Emotions by VanessaGelvin

On the front page of Etsy!

My Steampunk academic satchel was on the front page of Etsy as part of a treasury this afternoon! This is my first time ever on the front page so I felt like making this post to celebrate. I was sewing a custom corset for a customer when Steph excitedly shouted out "You're on the front page! Dude, come over here right now, I'm serious!"

Special thanks to Emmamaha for including my bag in her fantastic scholastic treasury. I really appreciate it!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Steampunk Mother's Day Gift Guide

This post was authored by Stephanie, my significant other.

There’s less than one month left until Mother’s day (May 9th), and if you’re planning on ordering a handmade gift for a mother in your life you’ll need to make a decision soon! I’ve created a guide to buying steampunk themed gifts; however, they aren’t so specialized as to not appeal to the general public.

Although all these gifts have a steampunk or NeoVictorian theme, I’ve tried to create a well-rounded gift guide that’s categorized according to different interests.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Copper Steampunk Utility Corset Preview

I'm almost finished with this copper and imitation leather utility corset. As you can see, there are still some parts I need to sew (note the pins). I should have it finished and photographed tomorrow. Steph really likes this one, I think due in part to her love of clothing with pockets.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Etsy Treasury: A steampunk orange

My "A steampunk orange" Etsy Treasury.

Update: This ended up getting over 300 views and was on the second page in "hotness". Thanks to all the artisans whose work was featured and for those of you who commented or tweeted it!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

How I came to love Steampunk

I first heard about steampunk in 2007. My girlfriend was reading The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. I asked her what it was about and she told me it was a steampunk alternative history novel.

I was intrigued! I knew about punk music and culture but had never heard of this “steampunk” before. I started Googling it and found out that it included a lot of unique inventions and Victorian fashion, two things that I loved. Since I was a boy I’ve always had a knack for making and fixing things out of existing materials, a trait that served me well doing experiments in physics labs for my undergraduate degree.

My fondness for Victorian fashion is another factor that makes steampunk appealing. I think that the corset is my favorite article of clothing and believe that nothing is as beautiful as a fitted and well-designed corset.

Last year when I went to Comic-Con with my girlfriend (pictured to the left next to a steampunk). I was delighted to see lots of people in corsets. I was inspired to start designing my own corsets, and immediately started making prototypes that summer. This year at Comic-Con we will both be dressing up!

Right now I’m focusing on steampunk and Neo-Victorian corsets, but I plan on eventually doing fantasy oriented corsets and costumes as well. I enjoy reading fantasy novels and watching fantasy and sci-fi movies, so I get a lot of inspiration from those.