Monday, March 29, 2010

Inspirations and uses

When I finished sewing the imitation leather and brocade corset pictured to the left, I realized that it reminded me of the Chinese-Western fusion present in the show Firefly. The screenshot below illustrates one of the many hybrid styles from a short-lived but fantastic show.

I think that both corsets could be used in fantasy costumes. I can imagine the turquoise corset being worn by a mage or other caster, and the green underbust corset worn by a hunter-ranger or perhaps a rogue.

I'm thinking about making another brocade corset with white cotton coutil panels rather than the imitation leather. In addition to steampunk and Neo-Victorian, I think that it would be great for frost mages or "good" casters such as priests.

I made the small backpack to the left to serve as a bag for people in costume. Nothing breaks the illusion of a costume faster than a clashing or completely inappropriate bag! I was inspired by the backpacks worn by hobbits in the Lord of the Rings novels, elegant leather bags from the Victorian era, and even the quintessential fantasy backpack pictured in World of Warcraft.

Both corsets and the backpack are available at my Etsy store. I just opened and am adding new designs daily, so check back if you like what you see!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Western steampunk corset

I’ve been working on this corset for a steampunk costume that Stephanie and I are planning. It’s going to be paired with a long skirt, collared white shirt, boots and a book satchel.

I was going for a Western steampunk look. I think that the brocade paired with the ruddy imitation leather creates a rugged adventurous look reminiscent of the West.

Stephanie suggested that this could also be a part of a fantasy mage costume. Perhaps an frost mage?

Above: Sewing the corset on my vintage Singer 201