Saturday, November 20, 2010

Steampunk Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Are you a steampunk looking for some steamy presents for your loved ones? Or are you a bewildered non-steampunk looking for a holiday gift for the inscrutable steampunk in your life? Enjoy the following suggestions either way!
8x12 Tesla Rock Star Scientist Steampunk Art Print Poster by meganlee
Help the scientist or nerd in your life pay homage to one of the greatest scientists ever, Nikola Tesla. Although he was a brilliant inventor, Telsa was sadly not a manipulative businessman like his contemporary Thomas Edison, and died penniless as a result. Tesla was also totally steampunk 100 years before anyone knew what steampunk was.

Recommended for: scientists, nerds, historians, engineers, Edison haters.

Triumph at the Las Vegas Hilton
Next week at the Hilton, Triumph, a steampunk spectacular, opens. Triumph features time travel and the science of writers Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, as well as Nikola Tesla (but hopefully no Edison). Tickets run from $29.95 - $99.95.
Recommended for: theater buffs, Las Vegas tourists and locals, and steampunk performance enthusiasts.

Through the Seasons - Steampunk Mini Hat by ToScarboroughFair
There is nothing quite so wonderful as a cat wearing a dignified hat and barely tolerating it. Why not treat your feline friend (and yourself/anyone who witnesses it) to a lovely steampunk top hat?

Recommended for: cat lovers, cat antagonists, cat ladies who need a cat hat in order to differentiate their many cats, lovers of kitten mittens.

Looking for a steampunk necklace gift that has gears but won’t weigh down the recipient? This lovely crotched necklace has all the style of gears but without the heaviness!

Recommended for: gearheads, jewelry lovers, people who have to pass through metal detectors.

Steampunk Entomology Lapel Fire Brooch by SpectraNova
Ok, so you’ve got the necklace sorted out for the jewelry lover in your life, but you’re looking for something else too. Might I recommend a brooch? This iridescent beetle brooch would make a fantastic addition to a sweater or other winter outfit.

Recommended for: entomologists, jewelry lovers, people who like shiny things.

The Entomologists Jewelry Box- Beetle by JennRoseFX
Now you’re almost done shopping for all the jewelry loving entomologists in your life! But wait, where are they going to keep all this shiny goodness? How about a Neo Victorian entomologist’s jewelry box?

Recommended for: entomologists, jewelry lovers, people who like boxes.

If you know anyone who plays the guitar constantly, you know that they tend to lose their picks with alarming consistency. Get them a pick that’s too cool and shiny for them to lose.

Recommended for: music lovers, guitar players, air guitar players.

An intriguing assortment of tales and some amazing illustrations. I personally love birds, and Wunderkammer is full of steampunk birds, both anthropomorphic and fully avian.

Recommended for: Bird lovers, comic book geeks, graphic novel enthusiasts, your older brother who collects action figures and loves comic books.

Avalon Revisited by O.M. Grey

Avalon Revisited is perfect for the paranormal romance, steampunk and vampire enthusiast. Being a new reader to the genre myself, I can recommend this if you are a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse novels (those being the other paranormal romance books I've read).

Recommended for: paranormal romanticists, fangbangers, book lovers, British history buffs.

Riese is a streampunk adventure drama and popular webseries with a rapidly growing loyal fanbase. This beautifully filmed show has won a Streamy, Internet TVs most prestigious award.

Recommended for: sci-fi fans, SyFy fans, television aficionados.

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  1. Great selection of items, although I would put one of your cosets on the list :P
    Thanks for including my necklace.