Saturday, November 13, 2010

New fantasy underbust corset design

 Ever since we’ve met, Steph and I shared a love of fantasy novels, films, games, shows and art. When we play fantasy MMOs or co-op games, I tend to be a hunter class, while Steph usually picks a caster (although she has been known to play a warrior tank).

My latest corset is inspired by my love of all things fantasy. I wanted to make a corset that could be worn to a LARP event, or as part of a fantasy costume/cosplay ensemble.

The green hemp and brown leather give the corset a natural look. Although I had fantasy in mind when I made this, it would also work as a steampunk piece. The hemp twill and synthetic leather have an earthy steampunk feel to them.

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  1. Are these for sale? If yes, where can I buy them?