Monday, May 10, 2010

What goes into making a corset

eph has been taking a lot of pictures of me making steampunk corsets so that she can send updates to customers. I decided to use some of them to demonstrate some of what goes into making a corset!

The first thing I do is make a custom pattern based on a customer's measurements. The pattern shown above is for an underbust corset.

After I've finished the pattern I cut the exterior fabric (hunter green brocade and imitation leather in this case) and the cotton coutil lining.
I sew the exterior fabric together forming an outer shell and then I sew the lining pieces together forming the inner shell. I then baste the two shells together at the seams and machine stitch the casings for the busk and boning.

This is the corset without finished edges, boning and grommets.
The cut spiral steel boning and some of my tools.
 Setting the brass grommets into the back of the corset.
  The finished corset!

 This is what a prototype corset looks like. Keep an eye out for a new design in the next month!


  1. how does your shell and lining pieces match? i mean, when i tried to sew a corset with an outer and inner piece they weren't the same size in the end because of the sewing and the corset looked hideous T_T

  2. I am interested in having a custom made underbust corset made. I do not know any other way to contact you.